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Post Posted: 03:41pm - Feb 9,17 
Has anyone ever been out to this place? A guy from work was talking about going. How is it?



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Post Posted: 05:02pm - Feb 11,17 
10+++. Been there 3x last 2 weeks. They have bent over backwards, in helping me with advice and bird placement as I bring my 8 month old Lab along in her training for upland hunting. Their guides are trainers, have their own dogs,(short hairs) and when asked, were polite and answered all questions concerning pups. They welcome young dogs. Considering the snow and ice back in Dec. their cover is good/excellent. I go mid week, (ecept for yesterday). They consider my dog, and plant the birds to take advantage of her capabilities. Pheasants, unless you give notice you want Chukar or Quail. Birds are strong fliers. 3 bird minimum. Dog has never failed to find bonus birds, which you are not charged for. Almost 2 hours exactly from Darien, IL. I'm guessing, but assigned areas appear to be from 15 - 30 acres, fenced, so if your dog bolts, or chases, it's not going far. Their web site has more info. John is the man I talk to. And NO, I am NOT a member, but am considering.

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Post Posted: 03:21pm - Feb 12,17 
Been there twice. Really nice place. I have a heart issue and the up and down stuff is out of the question, so they put us on a nice flat plot to get our birds. We also got one of their guides cause I don't have a dog anymore. Nice guy , nice dog. Blonhaven is definitely a GO !


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Post Posted: 09:57pm - Mar 26,17 
Been there twice as a nonmember and had a good time. Went with 2 other guys and we ended up seeing 10-12 birds both times.

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