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Year after year I see you guys out there real early and hear ya bangin' away. I've been trying to get some of my other bird buddies intersted in going out there to try it and everyone is hesitant. I've looked up and found some of the regs, and now I'm looking for advice. I'd like to hunt around cal park, the river and lake calumet. I do not want to do anything illegal and get busted. Can I get some advice on does and donts for hunting this area? I'm also kinda looking for a smaller boat to hunt out of. I have a 19' lund, which could work, but i was thinking smaller so it would be easier to deck out w/ camo. I've never hunted from a boat so any tips there are appreciated. Also willing to trade a trip for perch or salmon. I would be greatful for any advice or a chance to go out with someone who knows there stuff. thanks fellas

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