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Post Posted: 08:36pm - Jan 8,11 
Has anyone fished this? Looking to go somewhere close to Warrenville just not Blackwell.



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Post Posted: 11:01pm - Jan 8,11 
I actually just got out there today. I went out on Eagle Lake and fished a tipup and minnow, and jigged for some gills but no dice. Didn't catch a single fish I do know there are some nice bass in there though among other things like crappie and gills. There were two other guys out fishing too in their shanties. This was my first try ice-fishing out there so I might just have to get used to it. If you end up going out, it would be nice to hear the results though. Good Luck!



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Post Posted: 02:40am - Jan 9,11 
fish the north west bay in about 12ft of water, if you want to catch a million 5-7inch gills. and an occasional bass. good spot for tip ups with the bass. not many large gills in there, but a lot of action if thats what you're lookin for.

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