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Got out about 6:15, it was cold but I was looking forward to fishing. There were 20 some odd people out when I drilled my first hole, dropped vex in and small jig with wax worm. Fish comes up and makes a B line right for my bait and then stops and just sits there, try changing rods with different line different jig size you name it every time same story. Drilled holes all over found great cover and fish I saw them with my camera, but nothing would bite. Ended up with 1 bluegill and 1 perch both back in the water. Did not see much action at all from anyone. I have to saw it was one of the best "you should have been here yesterday" spots I have seen in a long time.

Left about noon and decided to stop by Bangs on the way home. By now the wind was really blowing and made it unpleasant to fish without a shelter. Drilled some holes after talking to grinning dog, and getting some info. Lots of dink gills, but did manage to get about 10 to bring back. Left about 5 when it really started to get cold.

Sunday gonna try a little closer to home.

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