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2018 has been a bad year for me fishing for bass, and now i know why.. 10 Years ago when I 'Discovered' the smallie bit I was using white / pepper YUM dingers and it was fantastic. Then that color was worthless and switched to Pumpkin / watermelon Craw and lizards and some beavertail jigs. This worked for severl years. Fast forward to 2018 and I used the same presentation and pattern from the previous several years - nothing to date, except for yesterday. Winding down the afternoon I switched my dropshot salamander for a 6" white zoom bait, cast parallel to the shore along the rocks, and ripped it in.....BAM first cast, a +4Lb'er. (Sorry no Pics). Today i'll go back late afternoon, bring my camera and a scale. I suspect a white medium diver shad rap will do just fine (one hook on the tail).

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