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The Popper went to work on Wednesday thinking it was an ordinary day. He went about his normal work routine until he got a call at 9:58am that would change the course of his day drastically. Bossman was on the other end of the line going on about how great the forecast was with 50% chance of rain and scattered t-storms. The Popper was less than impressed, but he listened Bossman's argument for the coin flip. And was that a smart idea. New plans were set, and the Popper was to get his day’s work done within the next 45 minutes because they were hitting the road as soon as the boss arrived.

10:48am and the boys were on their way to Lake Defiance to work scum frogs along the Lilly pads. A quick stop to grab the electric motor, another stop at Dave’s Bait to grab scum frogs, and they were at the McHenry Dam to pay for the boat rental. The guy working the rentals informed them that the oars and life vests would have to be back at the Dam by 5pm.... What!?! They wanted to fish sunset so this would not do. They were quick to call numerous boat rental facilities throughout the Chain-o-Lakes but found none that would rent a boat past 7pm. Their plan had been foiled so they decided on a lake with small row-boat rentals.

The Inn-keeper was nice enough to drive all of the gear down the hill which made the trip much easier. They decided they'd start by trolling down the shoreline into the wind and then drift back casting. They started out trolling shallow cranks with the first LMB coming just after two piers into the troll. The Popper nabbed the first fish, a respectable 3lbs, coming on a silver rattling crank bait. The long skinny fish took the bait at the channel mouth, and went aerial three times before succumbing to the net. They kept on with their troll. Bossman felt a bump and reeled two cranks before hooking into his first fish, a juvenile LMB coming on a white 1ft crank bait. No other fish or hits during the troll. As they were blown down shore they hooked into a couple more that made some spectacular jumps before spitting the hooks. The Popper landed a juvenile bass using a blue/orange Husky Jerk. As they got to the mouth of the channel Bossman hooked into a BIG bass, but it swam to a submerged tree and somehow transferred the hooks to the tree. They looked into the channel and saw a beautiful, impassable top-water playground.

The channel had everything from scum to lillies to reeds, low overhanging branches, a defined drop in the middle of the channel, protection from the wind, and downed trees all over the place. Bossman decided he would make a cast into the channel even though the last ten feet of the retrieve would consist of hopping over logs. The frog flew through the air, plopped down on some pond scum, bossman twitched the bait, and WHAM! The fish took the bait under, Bossman waited a second, and set the hook into another BIG bass. Again the fish swam into some weeds, and Bossman was snagged. The boys decided they were going to move some logs and make their way back into the channel. They passed the first set of logs, and started making casts into the first "pool." (Every 30 yards or so there was another set of downed logs which created "pools" within the channel.) The Popper landed the first Scum Frog fish, a 14" LMB. Bossman was quick to follow suit only this time he did land his beast 22" LMB. The fish came on the cast right after Bossman said he was hoping to catch a 5lbs bass during 2013. The Popper switched to a weightless Texas rigged Creature Bait. He let his first cast sit while he took a drink of water. He picked up his rod, and it was game-on. He landed the skinny 21" LMB without the net. After 20 minutes of no hits, the boys made their way past the next set of logs. They opted to move a few to make the trip easier, and to respect the boat they had rented. Again, they worked their scum frogs for 45 minutes landing 3 out of the five hits all in the 16-18" range. So they moved on to the next set of logs. They navigated their way through the logs before coming to a large tree stretching from shore to shore. They had made it all the way to the back pond, but it seemed as though they wouldn't make it over into the final pool. They did with the help of some crafty thinking. They spent a total of an hour and a half in the back pond. Bossman took two more 3lbs bass on his Black/yellow spotted small scum frog. He also had two hits on a Pop-R, but to connection. The Popper landed two on his small green scum frog, and before leaving he decided he wanted to throw a Buzz-Bait once. He landed a 2lbs fish on his first cast, but no others were takers.

The sun started to set and the boys knew they had to have the boat back by dark. They started to make their way back when they realized all on the logs had moved back to the original places. They worked their way out of the channel and hugged the shoreline back to the rental place. Along the way they saw a fish, presumably a pike, snatch a Red Winged Black Bird from a branch just barely above the water. Neither of them had ever seen a fish take down a bird before. Hoping to hook into the monster bird-eater, they threw Buzz Baits and Pop-R’s around the area, but couldn’t get a look. They ended their day as the sun finished sinking beneath the tree-line.

Best action was on Small Frog Baits with two skirts for legs. Black with Yellow spots or plain Light Green with a popping front were the hot baits. Followed by a large Yellow frog with the same leg skirts. Crank Baits would have probably been the ticket if the boys had stayed on the main lake. No fish came on the Jitter Bugs, Pop-R’s or spinner baits. All fish were CPR’d, and all logs were returned to their original places. Hopefully no one else realizes the channel is accessible so they can go back and rock it again.

Pannie Popper

Bacon is King

I practice catch and release. Catch and release into the grease.


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sounds like the popper had a great adventure trip but the fish grabbing the bird from thelem wood have been something to see :crazy thanks popper



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Man, it must be nice to have a boss like yours. :) One lucky guy and what a great day fishing.

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