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Post Posted: 12:19pm - May 25,13 
Hello again everyone! Havent posted in forever. had a baby a while back, lost almost an entire season. Only got out a couple of times last year, and just never got around to posting.

Got out last sunday and did GREAT! Got 6 smallies in the 1hr 1/2 before sunset. Average size was HUGE. Worked protected rock walls along the shore on the southside. Tried eerie darter jr.s with no success, switched to my old favorite (gary yamamoto flappin hogs) and NAILED em. I KNOW the eerie darters work...they have worked for me many times. But I have never had the consistent success of the flappin hogs with any other bait. only on the big pond though....have tried them everywhere else I fish for smallies with only spotty results. Anyhow, simple presentation: 1/4-1/8 oz. jig head (depending on wind and current). Color of jig was black/brown/rust....etc. Anything that resembles crayfish colors. Slow crawl and twitch on the bottom. Thats it. As simple as it gets really. You can see my exact set-up in the pics below. Good to be back! Hope everyone is well, and hope to be posting again soon.




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