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Went out Friday morning. Set up just a bit west of the 7 trees (my Philippinos buddies were already taken over the 7 trees area, so I shot out about 100' from them) around 5:30. Walked the whole peer after finishing baiting up, between 7 and 8. From about 40 people, only 2 coho, 2 browns and one big laker (on goby head off the bottom) were taken. E-N-E winds, water was a bit choppy, current was changing, but not too strong, lines were curving 20-30 feet, alternating direction.
While talking with Pedro (pmoney1323) who set up east of me, after the two Philippinos, one of them (Charlie) started to wave at me, so I ran back to my spot. My father in law was pulling the line, and he managed to do things right this time, so we landed the first coho at 9 AM, on a crawler.
Did not pay attention to the Korean guy who shot out in between me and Charlie, and crossed my line on the left. So after I stringed the fish and released the line, I take a look at the other line and I see two of the bobbers together. I have 8 hooks in between the bobbers, 4' apart, so I knew I was in trouble. The idiot shot over me, and instead of saying something, he tried to pull his weight, then picked up his staff and left for a different spot. So I pulled my line out, nice little bird's nest for about 1/2 of the powerline. Lucky for me, I carry a spare line, so I switched them, transferred the hooks that were not messed up, and released the line with about 1/2 of the hooks. Removed the rest of the hooks from the first line, placed the ones with the worms on the concrete and the ones with minnows inside my minnow bucket, and headed towards the line to pull it out and replace the hooks. Before I could reach it, I see my bell and hacksaw blade jumping forward, bending all the way.
Tried to set the hook and I felt the pull line dead in my hands. Pulled the line, and found the snap swivel opened, almost straighten out. I am using the locking type swivels to connect the powerline to the rubber and to the pull line, So the only explanation I can come up with is that maybe I did not secure that snap when I switched out the lines. Ran back to my car, got my 5' pipe, shot another weight over the powerline and managed to get it back. No fish was attached to it, and I had a missing hook , the 12lbs fluorocarbon invisiline snapped. (Yes, I know it was too thin, but I just switch to fluorocarbon last week, this was my first time out after switching, and I only had 12lbs available to me at the time).
Lost another fish right next to the wall while trying to net it , looked like a steelhead, it snapped off the 12lbs leader. While thinking about leaving, caught a second coho who went for a minnow on the deep, far side of my line (I use two lines, one close, the other one far, three bobbers set up at 1.5 feet, with 8 hooks before the first bobber, going deeper). Third one came about 10 minutes later, had another strong bite, set the hooks then lost it (I found yet another snapped 12lbs leader after pulling the line). Started to pull the lines by 2:30 reeled in the pull line, stopped to take out the bobber and that's when I felt our 4th coho's strike.
Plenty of fish were caught in the area we were in the afternoon, the three guys to our right had about 9 fish when we left, one guy who came in around 12 and set up to my left after Charlie and his friend left got two browns off the bottom and a coho on the powerline.
Already ordered 30lbs test fluorocarbon line, expecting delivery by Monday, just in time for our next outing Tuesday.




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Post Posted: 04:47pm - Apr 20,17 
nice job Florin

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