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Post Posted: 09:02am - Jun 19,18 
Just got back from an 8 day fly-in fishing trip in the Northwest Territories with my neighbor. Absolutely great fishing for Northern Pike and Lake Trout. Weather was cool in the low 40's and highs in the mid 50's with some rain. Northern Pike fishing was great. Biggest fish was a 42" with multiple 35" to 38" fish. Chrome plated Williams Wobblers were the main lure used. Water temperatures were in the upper 40's. Our main goal was to catch northern pike but the lake trout stole the show. The lake trout were still in shallow water from 7-15 feet. You need to hang on to your rod when trolling. This things pulled hard and fought. Pound for pound they provided great entertainment. These predators fancied chrome and blue spoons and yellow 5 of diamond red eye spoons. Biggest fish caught was a 39" bruiser with multiple 30" fish. I am now converted to lake trout fishing in the Northwest Territories. All fish were released and barb-less hooks were used. We converted our lures from treble hooks to large single hooks. These were much easier for releasing the fish. We stayed at Hearne Lake Lodge and they provided excellent accommodations and food. This was our second trip in the last 2 years and we signed up for the 2019 season as well. The only drawback is getting there. We needed to fly to Yellowknife and then a 35 minute pontoon plane ride to the lodge. It is a long day of travel. Just my thoughts-WAZOO54



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Just got back from a long trip myself. We went to the boundary Waters fishing basswood lake. Lake trout had already moved out deep but there was great small mouth, walleye and pike fishing. I think the scenery itself was worth the 11 hour drive. I'd really like to go up earlier sometime and get those lake trout in shallow water, that must have been amazing.

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