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From New York's Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources

Each year hunters from across New York successfully harvest a variety of mammals and game birds during their respective open seasons. But few people appreciate the value of game taken annually from our landscape. According to surveys conducted by DEC's Bureau of Wildlife, hunters in New York harvest over 12 million pounds of game each year. As you might expect, white-tailed deer make up the vast majority of this amount at slightly less than 11 million pounds (10,845,000 lbs), followed by waterfowl (530,000 lbs), wild turkeys (368,000 lbs), rabbits (170,000 lbs), squirrels (143,000 lbs), pheasants (116,000 lbs) and black bear (93,750 lbs). Other small game including grouse, varying hares and woodcock account for another 100,000 lbs annually. If you think of this harvest in terms of meals, NY's wild game bounty provides over 48 million servings per year.

To put a dollar value on this harvest, consider that a pound of ground beef or pork from your local supermarket would cost at least $ 3.00/lb and boneless chicken or turkey would cost at least $2.00/lb. At these prices, New York's annual harvest of wild game has a value close to $40 million!

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Post Posted: 09:49am - Nov 14,10 
Interesting report. OG :D

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