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The DNR opened the gate about 5:30. It was probably the nicest weather for any trout opener I've been to. I set up about 3/4 of the way down from the parking lot, about where I thought the steep dropoff started. I was fishing a split shot dough rig with small trebles set about 6" and 12" after the weight and tossing an inline spinner also.

My first bite came within minutes of my first cast. The greedy bugger swallowed the first treble and had the second in his mouth. The guy next to me caught two bass on his first two casts. The first one was big enough that I thought he was chucking a rock or a big fish basket in the water. He estimated it at 3lb (looked bigger to me) and called it the biggest bass he'd caught in Cook County. The second fish came about 20-30 minutes later, also on dough. I barely got the line back in the water when I got my third fish. About this time, the wind picked up a bit and it started misting. The fourth fish also hit dough and came about another half an hour after the third.

At that point, I had four trout, my personal best for the openers, so I put down the dough and focused on tossing my spinner. No bites for another 20 minutes. It was just getting light out and people around me were starting to catch, so I gave in and tossed my dough back out. I got my fifth fish shortly after to complete my first trout limit! I packed up and was back in my truck by 7:00.

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