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As is the case a lot, the FP doesn't open til well after the fishing dies for the morning. Hit DQ for about an hour and a half. Saw many bass just sitting in the shallows, including some that were actually nice size. 1 problem, they just would not hit. Maliboo was there to test out his new rod, but I ran through several great bass lures without a real follow. They just didn't want to bite! Rat-L-Trap, Shadraps, Xrap, Pointer, bluegill-pattern Wildeye shad, even a Heddon Sonar to get the depth... nothing. 2 panfish guys went hitless during my time on the west rocks, and a carp hunter that setup early managed only a turtle.

The fish are definitely there, and I thought the FC leader would improve the odds in such clear water. Just one of those days. We later hit the Fox with similar luck, only a few that came unhooked. Found a seam of quillbacks and got 2 hookups but both unbuttoned before landing, Rebel floating minnow got the strikes and Maliboo got several strikes on a paddletail jig. Very few fishermen out, like the locals knew something we didn't and found something else to do.

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