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Post Posted: 01:51pm - May 23,10 
Hit up Lund lake in DuPage Co. yesterday (4pm-6pm). It seems to receive little pressure even though it's public. (folks that keep fish UNITE!)

Anyway, the bass are going nuts...
EVERYONE get out there, wherever you go, because this is that short window where any idiot can catch many, many bass.

Seriously, I had 4 fish in 10 casts. I was starting to worry about the cost of tearing through so many Senkos so quickly.
Anyway, it was a good day. Caught 7 total, but only two with any size, and not much at that. Biggest was probably 2.5lber.
Didn't take any pics - too small. It's got to be 4lbs + before I waste the fish's time w/pics.
Threw weightless senkos all day with size 1 wide gap hook (mostly dark colors w/specks).


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Post Posted: 08:42pm - May 24,10 
In driving Diehl, I've always wondered about that lake, but convinced myself it was just a shallow basin. Sounds like it is worth a closer look. Thanks for the report.



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Post Posted: 09:13pm - Jun 7,10 
I see you are new to the forums but one thing you will learn is that some people don't like it when others share the names of good ponds, especially those as small as lund. That is a gem of a pond, but don't look forget the 3 other ponds behind lund. There are some lunker crappie in those back ponds. Ever fish those small lakes on the other side of the road?

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