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With the Chicago weather going from winter to summer in a short time, I decided try my luck at IG. An earlier post and PM suggested that I try the area just north of the river canoe launch. I was on the east bank of that cove and the afternoon sun was hopefully heating up the shore water. I fished the spot for about two hours and caught only one BG on crawlers.

During that time about seven or eight others fished the area with nothing hitting at all. They tossed everything in their tackle boxes at the water. No one caught anything.

My guess is that the fishing pressure from the shore at IG is so great that the fish are smart enough to go to some areas where fisherman can't get at them from the shore. For example, this would be the north shore of that NW cove area.

So I'd suggest taking your boat or renting one. I think that they have a policy of eletric motors only.

BTW - No one was at the entry checking residency requirements. In the past, Lake County residents got in free, others have had to pay. Anyone know if the IG policy has changed? Anyone had any luck at IG yet this Spring?


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