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Fished South Rocks again from 7:00 - 10:30 am. As I got there, there were about 4 other people already there with a couple more coming in as I arrived. Saw guys throwing different baits - spawn, live minnows, shrimp, white tube tipped with shrip - you name it. I for one, forgot my shrimp so only had live minnows again. We were ready and with the prospect of the weather warming up.. brought our game. But, the fish decided to sleep in today...

At 9:00 am, my bobber goes under. As fast as I jumped out of my car to get to my rod, the bobber floats back up. reeled in my line and saw my bait gone. Missed a hit! :doh I placed a livelier minnow and cast i out again. An hour after, my bobber goes down and stays down - nowhere in sight. I carefully reel in th slack anticipating the fight... as I was about to set the hook. My bobber floats back up! :cuss I missed another one! At this point, minnows gone... decided to call it a day.

grumpybear mentioned it was dead in waukegan... seems like it especially with the ice forming at the west end. Didn't see any jumpers as well. For those, like me, who are still hopeful. Try a live minnow rigged with a slip float 3 ft down hopefully you'll be luckier than me... good luck!

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