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Thanksgiving in Waukegan
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Author:  grumpybear [ 09:38pm - Nov 25,10 ]
Post subject:  Thanksgiving in Waukegan

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! In between food preparation and eating dinner, I hit Waukegan for a few hours this afternoon. As I pulled in, I saw one other fisherman out - and his rod was doubled over! By the time I parked and walked back to where he was, he had a 24 inch dark king in the net! I thought all the kings were gone by now - and this one hit a live minnow of all things.

Well, I was primed for good (but really cold) fishing. The plan was to float eggs and shrimp, and cast spinners and jigs. Too windy for floating, so I went to plan B and set up mid-depth bottom rigs and casted. Nothing hit on the casts, and small stockers were picking at the eggs and shrimp.

Still, the sunset was great and it was nice to get out after a month of work. I'll see you diehards out until the ice moves in!

Author:  SushiFan [ 01:00am - Nov 26,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Thanksgiving in Waukegan

Happy Thanksgiving grumpybear. There were actually 4 of us fishing that afternoon.... you me and a 2 others who helped me net the king. To think I almost didn't want to go to South Rocks today... but felt compelled to because I didn't want to 'waste' the live minnows I got at salmon stop the weekend before.

I rigged 2 rods, 1 with raw shrimp and another with live minnow. Slip bobber setup 2-4 feet down with a split shot near the bobber. 10 minutes into casting out and before I actually was able to setup my second rod, the bobber with the live minnow goes down... and the rest is as you mentioned. Makes for a very happy thanksgiving memory for me. Am still itching to catch my first steelhead or brown though so you may still see me out there this coming weekend with the same setup. Though not as many fish are jumping out of south rocks but I see them cruising which gives me hope there's one more to catch before ice comes.

Author:  grumpybear [ 04:18am - Nov 26,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Thanksgiving in Waukegan

Any fish in the net makes for a good late November day, Sushifan! :respect

I'll see you out again this weekend. Pack the cold weather gear today and tomorrow! Sunday may be the nicest day to get out for another try at those steelies and browns. And any other kings you happen to entice!

Author:  02s4fun [ 09:33am - Nov 26,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Thanksgiving in Waukegan

I was out this morning and caught a small, dark king on a white tube jig tipped with shrimp under a bobber. I was hoping for a steelie but happy just to get a little action.

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