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Post Posted: 04:05pm - Nov 1,10 
Nice calm day to be out fishing. Floated some frozen alewife and skein with two poles for couple of hours.

Got a hit on the alewife and fought him for good 4mins. Its been a while since I had a nice steelie on the end of my line... so I took my time and play him little bit. Finally, I landed him and saw that he was really hooked deep so I decided to keep him. Got him on a alewife about 5ft down. Nothing for the rest of the day. No hit on Skein.

Weeds are dying and water was crystal clear. Floating dead salmon here and there.

Can't wait til I hook into a another steelie next time....



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Post Posted: 04:53am - Nov 2,10 
Nice looking fish ya got there cruiser........was there a good "air show" in the battle?

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Post Posted: 06:32am - Nov 2,10 
That is a nice fish. I don't think the picture does it justice.

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