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Post Posted: 09:29am - Oct 11,10 
I have some cured spawn I did at home and was wondering if anybody knows how long it is good for? Als once it is cured can it be frozen for use later in t he year? Thanks


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Post Posted: 10:00am - Oct 11,10 
If it's cured correctly it should last at least a year in the freezer if protected from freezer burn.

I cured some stuff from a king last fall, cut the skein into chunks and wrapped them in aluminum foil. If they weren't wrapped tight enough I had a little bit of freezer burn stuff but it still worked well. You should be fine with your stuff.

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Mayo jars or coffee cans! Then use borax and paper towel. The borax with soak the excess moisture which causes freezer burn! If you dried them too much, marinate them the night before in tuna to perk them up!

Also you should never use metal for cures! It can foul the bait!

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