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Hit Braidwood for the first time at 2:00pm yesterday. Yellow flag was up. Whoa! Cool lake. Well I should say warm lake, since the water temp varied between 85 and 87 degrees. Launched out of the south ramp. Went looking for "deep holes". Should have done my homework since there are plenty of "deep holes" in a lake formed out of mine pits. What constitutes a "deep hole" on that lake? Several times we ran over areas that were 30-40 feet deep. Anyone have a depth chart map of the lake? couldn't find one online. Looking for those big blues.

Caught a bunch of little (14 inches or less) blue cats in a 20 ft deep hole east of the boat launch on liver. Nothing on the live bluegill or cut bait.

Need to spend alot more time on the lake to figure things out. Strong current, no plants in the water (minus the algae bloom) and hot water, what a goofy combination.


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Post Posted: 08:26pm - Sep 27,10 
While those temps are not "hot" for the bathtub, you will find that the north end will produce much cooler temps and in wsj's opinion more fish. There are many holes that might hold your searched for species (blues) but those dang kitty's pretty much range anywhere you fine a current break along with a change in bottom depth. Best advice is think of that body of water as a river with it flowing for south to accordingly. 8)~

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