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Learning from Lake Oahe, SD
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Author:  RiverRat [ 08:48am - Jul 1,10 ]
Post subject:  Learning from Lake Oahe, SD

I fish the FLW and like to follow the tourney's that take place in the other divisions and locations since I've gotten to know some of these guys. Reading about the recent FLW Tour Event on Lake Oahe in South Dakota, I was struck by how similair the tactics and presentation being used in the tournament to those used on a certain former cooling lake we like to fish. When reading the interviews with the pro's at the end of the day, pretend they are talking about Hiedecke. Looks like I will have to plan a trip to Lake Oahe someday...

Day 1 AM: Preview ... Day1AM.htm

Day 1 PM : Kevin McQuoid ... Day1PM.htm

Day 2 AM: Darrel Setters ... Day2AM.htm

Day 2 PM: Eric Olsen ... Day2PM.htm

Day 3 AM: Top Ten ... ay3AM2.htm

Day 3 PM: Eric Olsen ... Day3PM.htm

btw - these guys are all straight shooters when it comes to what tactics they are using - they might leave out leader length, line test, or that they put a silver bead 1/2" from the hook, but they do give you what you need to get started. Great stuff.

Author:  GETDANET1 [ 09:08pm - Jul 1,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Learning from Lake Oahe, SD

I fished it 35 yrs ago. A neighbor was attending Loyola dentistry school and lived in S.D.
He invited us out after he graduated.
He and I limited out on Walleye on a sky blue 100 degree day using Lindy rigs and crawlers.
We also caught the occasional White Bass.
There wasn't much built up around there then.
Wouldn't mind gettin' back there again sometime myself.

Author:  JimL [ 09:47am - Jul 2,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Learning from Lake Oahe, SD

Good stuff Riverat.Still a little skeptical of 100%straight shooting when sponsers involved :D
Another lake that reminded me of H was Rathbun only with bigger fish.

An intresting fact I read on WC about that tourney was 4 of the top 10 had tillers.


Author:  RiverRat [ 01:13pm - Jul 2,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Learning from Lake Oahe, SD

JimL wrote:
Still a little skeptical of 100%straight shooting when sponsers involved

lol yes you are right I'm sure they take every chance they can to plug their sponsors. Other than that I know they don't make up stuff like they were trolling when in fact they were jigging. Not a lot of secrets on the water and credibility is important to a lot of these guys for said sponors sake. They sure aren't the guys who you go fishing with and only catch one or two fish, then post a report on the internet saying they caught 20 :lol:

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