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Heidecke Help
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Author:  FrankB [ 03:21pm - Jun 4,10 ]
Post subject:  Heidecke Help

Went out to Heidecke last Saturday 5/29. This was my first time out there. It was sweltering hot and the sun was beating down. Got on the water by 7am and we were done 12:30pm as it was just way too hot. Went straight out of the launch to the far-most right corner of the lake by the sign that says "No boats beyond this point as I saw a good amount of boats out there. Jigged anywhere from 3-15 FOW all around that area. Started out jigging a live minnow on an 1/8th ounce chartreuse jig. Only thing biting were the stripers. Had about 30 between my buddy and I. Nothing big, largest one probably around 2 pounds or so. We also trolled with some huskey jerks hoping to pull another species in. Again, only thing hitting were the stripers. Here are some pictures


Now I know we didn't do too bad, because I didn't really see anyone else catching fish,lol.
But I'd like to have a better plan of attack next time we go out there.
I'm sure the heat didn't help the situation at all, but I would have liked to get a walleye in the boat as this is what this lake is know for. Anyone have any tips or hot spots there? Any other techniques I should try?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Author:  JimL [ 05:30pm - Jun 4,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Heidecke Help

Good job in heat.
Read thru all the old Heidecke posts from the last couple years.Plenty of info.
Or come to meeting

You probably are on the right track.Have to be there when they are biting.I had a hunch they would be today.A friend lost one he said would go 30" today.Big walleyes don't move to often in day.
Put the time in there and nice fish will come,at least thats what I'm hoping.15 trips for me this year 8 eyes over 20 only.

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