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Joined: 06:20pm - Nov 21,10
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Post Posted: 06:26pm - Nov 21,10 
Hey everyone
Great forums and very informative!
I look forward to posting reports of my adventures here.
I've also started a facebook group for the outdoors. Not just fishing but camping, hunting, and anything else outdoors related. Take a look - Thanks!


Chitown Bird Dog

Joined: 12:43pm - Nov 17,05
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Post Posted: 06:39pm - Nov 21,10 
Welcome to the site. We look forward to your reports & adventures.

I had to remove your facebook link as per the site's policy. If you want you could put it in your profile next to the website slot. This is for your protection as only someone that's logged on can look at your profile. This also helps prevent spamming.

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Post Posted: 07:28pm - Nov 21,10 
Welcome Aboard !


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Post Posted: 07:37pm - Nov 21,10 
Welcome aboard as well. I agree this is a great site and I have been using it more and more over the last year and you will find many fellow sportsman willing to share information if you just ask.

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