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Post Posted: 05:27pm - Nov 12,10 
Fellow Fishermen,

Paul from Tinley and Bill, another member of same SWSC, I can't reach you guys. I tried responding to you with the PM button, but my messages are stuck in OUTGOING, they won't go to the SENT folder. I wouldn't mind heading out tomorrow for a few hours. I need to contact the webmaster as to why I cannot reply, in the mean time, don't be afraid to call me or e-mail me directly. Probably leave tomorrow morning around 7ish...

Bill, if you have not heard, only lake stocked this year with the rainbows was Clear Lake....


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Post Posted: 07:56am - Nov 13,10 

The way I understand it, when you send a PM (private message), it will show up in your outbox until it is read by the person you sent it to. Once they open it, you will then see the message in you sent messages.

Hope you guys were able to get in touch with each other. We look forward to the fishing report.

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Post Posted: 07:58am - Nov 13,10 
Good morning and welcome to the site.

Outbox are pm you sent but have not been looked at yet. When receiving party opens and reads them it will be put into your "sent box". Not sure why you can't reply but it may be something to do with minimum posts.(5 or so I think).

Hope this helps.

Oops....Bearsfan beat me to it........good luck fishing!

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Post Posted: 08:16am - Nov 13,10 
That is correct, they have not been read yet...

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