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Post Posted: 07:35am - Feb 23,10 
Can we talk about pressure? Barometric pressure that is. What about winds?

I pay attention to the pressure as I'm sure most of you do to decide how fast/slow to present my offerings. When the pressure is high it usually means that the skies are blue (a nice day) when it's real low it usually means that it's nasty or getting nasty out. This is not always the case but...

My questions for debate are these.

What do you consider to be the best pressure?
Which is better Rising? Falling? Steady?
Do you treat it differently on the hard stuff than during the summer?
What about the wind? Do you prefer a N/S/E/W or what combinations/speeds?
Winds speed make a difference?

Just doing my part to contribute to the confusion. :respect

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Post Posted: 08:06am - Feb 23,10 
This past Saturday morning, jonniefishalot and I were tip-up fishing on a reclaimed strip mine. Our flags were popping every few minutes and not a fish dropped the bait. We had eight flags go up within about an hour and iced every fish.
There were three ice anglers on the same lake that could not see our activity from their location and had no idea what we were into. After a while, we decided to move to another location on the lake and as we were setting up, we could see the other three packing their stuff and heading off the lake.
John walked over to have a chat and ask how their bite went.
They had not caught a single fish all morning and as they walked away, I could hear one of them tell John that it was because of the high pressure that they didn't get bit.

"The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive yet obtainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope." John Buchan


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Post Posted: 08:45am - Feb 23,10 
Far from an expert on ice fishing, but I think the most important thing when ice fishing is oxygen, not pressure, wind, moon phase, or anything else.

Calling fishing a hobby is like calling brain surgery a job. Until fish can talk, it's all just theory.
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Post Posted: 10:32am - Mar 7,10 
To be honest, I never even thought about barometric pressure when I decide to go fishing or not. I look at a different calendar... my work schedule. If I'm off, I'm fishing (hopefully).

Also consider that fish have to eat and if the weather is constant for an extended period of time they will eat regardless if the experts say that isn't the correct conditions for fish or not.

Wind direction on Lake Mich for whether the warm water will be blown in or out.

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Post Posted: 05:35pm - May 9,10 
I know they eat more if the pickin's is easy.
Just proved out "Fishin the windblown shoreline" recently. Had a great outing with the Spin Doctor.


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