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anyone know of a magic snagging rig?
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Author:  nophalias [ 08:07am - Jul 27,09 ]
Post subject:  anyone know of a magic snagging rig?

Here is what I want to do. In the spring when the carp are getting all feisty and congregating in tight schools at the surface. They have only one thing on their minds (and it isn't the dough balls and bait I keep trying to put in front of them).
I want to try to snag them. I had a dream of some magic snagging rig that would float on the surface. I could cast past the school. Then as the rig got close to the fish. I could give a tug and magically a bunch of hooks would descend upon the fish and the game would be on. Or the rig would dive down and snag them.

Anyone know of such a magic rig/lure?

Author:  fish wrangler [ 07:17pm - Aug 1,09 ]
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that is one funky dream the only thing that comes to mind though in take a piece of styrofoam and make a hole through it and thread your line through the hole and put some sort stopper on it and tie a bunch of treble hooks on it. hopes that this works :)


Author:  JoeFly [ 07:27pm - Aug 1,09 ]
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chum the area with corn and fish for them rather than snag them. there will be fish that will feed in the area. they are not all spawning this time of year. they spawn anywhere from may until now. for whatever reason they dont all spawn at once. that should work. anyway snagging is such a harsh word :lol:


Author:  reno1229 [ 10:27am - Aug 13,09 ]
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Go to Dicks or Bass Pro ANd you can get snagging hooks the size of a lawn tool. I think 2 ounces or something ridiculous like that. If you cant get them with that then give up

Author:  mops7 [ 11:35am - Aug 13,09 ]
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I'm not 100% sure but I think that snagging is illegal. You might want to check on that. Use your imagination you can figure something out make it happen. Mops

Author:  i8fish2 [ 01:31pm - Aug 13,09 ]
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pretty sure snagging any fish is illegal! People pay big fines for it too when it comes to trout and salmon, although (you may be able to snag spawned salmon)??? I would check the DNR website for sure before getting busted.

Author:  fish wrangler [ 05:00pm - Aug 15,09 ]
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I checked in the DNR 2009 Illinois fishing information booklet and I read Quote "Anglers are permitted only 1pole and line device to which can be attached no more than 2 hooks.
Only the following species of fish(excluding endangered and threatened species)and catch limit may be taken by snagging:
-Asian carp (no live possesion)-no catch limit,
-Carp-no catch limit,
-Buffalo -no catch limit,
-Freshwater drum -no catch limit,
-Salmon (coho and king only)-5 daily, of which may not be of the same fish species,
-Paddlefish-2 per day,
-Bowfin-no catch limit,
-Gizzard shad-no catch limit,
-Longnose gar-no catch limit,
-Shortness gar-no catch limit,and
-Suckers-no cath limit

Hope this helps.


Author:  IvoryLotus [ 08:26am - Dec 3,09 ]
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I thought every year had a salmon snagging season over in front of lincoln park zoo. Is that still around?

Author:  RiverRat [ 08:51am - Dec 3,09 ]
Post subject: 

Here is the whole story.. you just can't snag anywhere, there are places and times where its permitted.

Anglers are permitted only one pole and line
device to which can be attached no more than
two hooks.
Species of Fish and Snagging Catch Limit
(1) Only the following species of fish (excluding
endangered and threatened species) and
catch limit may be taken by snagging:
— Asian Carp (no live possession) - no
catch limit,
— Carp - no catch limit,
— Buffalo - no catch limit,
— Freshwater Drum - no catch limit,
— Salmon (coho & chinook only) - 5 daily,
of which not more than 3 may be of the
same fish species,
— Paddlefish - 2 per day,
— Bowfin - no catch limit,
— Gizzard shad - no catch limit,
— Carpsuckers - no catch limit,
— Longnose gar - no catch limit,
— Shortnose gar - no catch limit, and
— Suckers - no catch limit.
(2) No sorting of snagged salmon and paddlefish
is permitted, except for paddlefish taken
from the Mississippi River between Illinois and
Missouri where sorting is permitted. Every
salmon 10 inches in total length or longer and
paddlefish snagged must be taken into immediate
possession and included in the daily catch
limit. Once the daily limit of salmon or paddlefish
has been reached, snagging must cease.
Waters Open to Snagging and Snagging
(1) Snagging for fish is permitted from
September 15 through December 15 and from
March 15 through May 15 within a 300 yard
downstream limit below all locks and dams of
the Illinois River, except for the area below the
Peoria Lock and Dam where snagging is permitted
year round.
(2) Snagging for fish is permitted from
September 15 through December 15 and from
March 15 through May 15 within a 300 yard
downstream limit below all locks and dams of
the Mississippi RIver between Illinois and the
Missouri, except for the Chain of Rocks low
water dam at Chouteau Island – Madison
County, also known as Dam 27 at the Chain
of Rocks – Madison County. Snagging is permitted
from January 1 through April 15 within
a 500 yard downstream limit below locks and
dams on the Mississippi River between Illinois
and Iowa, except the tailwaters of Lock and
Dam 12 and 13 are closed to all fishing from
December 1 through March 15.
(3) Snagging for fish is permitted year-round
within a 100 yard limit upstream or downstream
of the dam at Horseshoe Lake in
Alexander County.
(4) Snagging for chinook and coho salmon
only is permitted from the following Lake
Michigan shoreline areas from October 1
through December 31; however, no snagging
is allowed at any time within 200 feet of a
moored watercraft or as posted:
— Lincoln Park Lagoon from the Fullerton
Avenue Bridge to the southern end of
the Lagoon,
— Waukegan Harbor (in North Harbor
basin only),
— Winnetka Power Plant discharge area,
— Jackson Harbor (Inner and Outer
Disposition of Snagged Salmon and Paddlefish
All snagged salmon and paddlefish must be
removed from the area from which they are
taken and disposed of properly, in accordance
with Article 5, Section 5-5 of the Fish and
Aquatic Life Code.

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