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Great Day On The River
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Author:  rodman1 [ 07:47am - Mar 24,10 ]
Post subject:  Great Day On The River

Went out Tuesday with Mojoman to get the boat wet for the first time this year (sad but maintainance ).
Launched out of Bartos at 6:30 to beat the rush. River was full of wood like somebody dumped a couple of truckloads. Also lots of barge traffic. Visibility was about 2 inches but it was bright and sunny, so put on a silver glitter floater and we started pulling bait along the barges west. Popped 3 legals all nice heavy fish and a bunch of
dinks right away until it got crowded and everything stopped . Tried the other side but too much desbris and no takers. Headed up to St. Bedes to pull cranks on 3 ways. Visibility was just as bad but got above a lot of the wood.
Put on some #7 originals both jointed and regular ( Clown and Pearl / Orange ) and started out in 18 @ .5 to .75
and popped two more butes right of way. Constant action most of the day mostly dinks but a legal every so often.
Took a run down to Clam Beds for a change of scenery for a while. Water was extremely dirty only popped a couple of dinks. But only made a pass down the red can side. Went back up and repeated the morning procedure.
Barges were dead so back up to St. Bedes. Action was crazy. We switched over to pulling bait again to see if we could pop a better size (everything was between 13-1/2 and 13-7/8). Action continued non stop. We finally called it a day at six. We even a had 4 0n at the same time pulling cranks and landed all 4. We had to of caught at least 100 with 8 legals. The best six probably would have pushed 14 #. It was a great day and a lot of fun and as soon
as the advil kicks in I can get some things done around here. Getting old sucks!
Tom Cooney

Author:  John Mannerino [ 02:34pm - Mar 24,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Great Day On The River

Sure is nice when things go good on the creek. Glad you had a good day buddy :gpost

Author:  JimL [ 03:05pm - Mar 24,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: Great Day On The River

Thats what I call a great report!I will definately put that info to use. thx

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