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IL.River sunday
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Author:  John Mannerino [ 06:48am - Mar 22,10 ]
Post subject:  IL.River sunday

Went out with Tom and Tony for the first trip of the year. Drove downstream to stay away from the tourney guys. Panther lift took a crap and the kicker was acting up. (always fun the first time out) :evil: . By the time we got it working we wasted 2 hrs. Tried a couple of spots and nothing. Worked a few more areas and alot of small fish comming on handlines. Finished up at St. Bedes, with alot of fish comming on cranks on 3 ways and handlines. Seemed like when the sun came out, the fish wanted to play. All and all after the rough start, ended up being a good day on the river with some good friends. Looks like the spawn is about 1-2 weeks away. Look for some big weights comming in from the MWC. I seen from the tourneys that alot of fish are comming in. The males are on the grounds waiting for the girls to show up. PLEASE LET THE FEMALES GO !!!!!.

Author:  rodman1 [ 09:01am - Mar 22,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: IL.River sunday

Was a good day to be on the water. Was a long time since Red Wing. Didn`t get beat up bad and not to
many sore spots in the old body. So Pat and I are going to get my boat wet tommorrow and christen the new
second floor. The river definitely had a mellowing effect. Been up 4 hours and haven`t picked on anybody
yet. Of course I haven`t seen anybody or talked with John yet. Put up a report when we get back tommorrow nite.
Tom Cooney

Author:  JimL [ 03:33pm - Mar 22,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: IL.River sunday

Had trouble also.Stearing was tight and I forced it and snap,the cable I think so no stearing.Contemplated what to do and decided to stay close,have a 80 thrust that usually lasts 8 hrs.Crossed river and started pulling bait.3 fish right away,2 were 18 inch walleyes.Feeling good!
Not for long running out of juice,must have bad charger.
Now what?
Tried running with no stearing-nope.
Finally figured out to run the gas motor just over idle and use the troller for stearing.
Nice 30 minute trip :lol:
Oh yeah,getting it on trailer alot of fun.

Author:  eyedogger [ 07:17pm - Mar 22,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: IL.River sunday

That sucks... Been there.. Best mechanic around is at " time on the water".. Ask for Rick

Author:  John Mannerino [ 05:57am - Mar 23,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: IL.River sunday

Jimmy Sorry ,,,I didnt hear the phone ring in the glove box. I was haveing one of those mornings also, but I was all the way down at the 204 so mabey I didnt get a signal for the phone. Look at the bright side, it didnt break while driveing, that would be alot worst!!! BOATS,,,,, A hole in the water you throw your money into!!!!! :red

Author:  RiverRat [ 12:20pm - Mar 23,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: IL.River sunday

wow jim that boat causes you more headaches... :bang

Author:  JimL [ 03:16pm - Mar 23,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: IL.River sunday

Its actually been a real good boat.You will have some headaches when you try to use a 17ft bass boat for extreme river cold weather walleye fishing. :lol:
Its all good John 8)~

Author:  Bink [ 04:12pm - Mar 23,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: IL.River sunday

Get a tiller!!! :lol:

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