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Spent a few hours out today. I was targeting walleye and crappies. Started out in the deep dead end channel on Fox Lake by ackermans. I used a white mini mite tipped with a small fathead suspended by a bobber at about 1.5ft. I got three largemouth bass. All were about a pound a piece. Checked out the aqua vu. I was happy to see lots of structure around the piers I fish. There was tons of brush. Next weekend should be hot for crappie. After a while I headed to the bridge by captains on ackermans. The water is still really low but there was quite a current. Lots of snags. Heard from a couple people who had thrown some cover around the bridge(christmas trees, boulders, cinderblocks, ect.). I got a few bites. The water is cold so I tried using a light jig but I couldnt keep contact with the bottom. I switched over to a split shot rig. Caught a nice walleye, about 16in and FAT. Lots of fisherman hitting the area. Nobody seemed to mark anything. Fish have yet to move in. Higher water should help.


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