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Post Posted: 07:27pm - Jul 29,18 
Have never fished here before but where is the best place to launch and what are the best lakes to avoid the crazies tuning, skiing and jet skis? I'm thinking about heading up on Tuesday and maybe Thursday as well. Not looking for spots to fish but any insight as to what a given lake holds in terms of fish would be good as well.




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Post Posted: 04:04am - Jul 30,18 
I can tell you where I usually launch.
There is a launch on Channel Lake. It's right across the street from the Bar Musky Tails. The launch costs $10.00. I'm sure you can call the bar to get address.
If you launch there Channel Lake can be good for fishing or right next to the launch you will see a channel going under a bridge that will take you into Lake Marie which also can be very good.
Both Lakes don't get very busy until after 11 AM.

Good Luck



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The state park has free launchs and they are great. Also donot forget you need a sticker to boat on the chain.

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