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Hit the Chain late on Easter. Water temp at State Park launch was 64. People shore fishing said they were catching pike etc. Only saw 1 fish landed during the hour or so I was there prepping my boat. Plan was to go after crappie and LMB using smaller lures. Headed to Marie and found temps in the low 50's. Went right for a long channel and the further North I went the colder the water got. I knew I was barking up the wrong tree but I was too far in to turn back. Also there is a large tree blocking 3/4 of the channel that connects Marie to Lake Channel about half way. It sucked trying to get past it. When I got to Channel Lake water was cold so I headed to Spring Lake and worked some channels. Still no fish and wind started to really pick up. Headed down to Petite Lake to make my last stand as it was getting freaking cold and really wind. Had a large bass shake off at the boat. Tried a few channels with nothing and then found a deeper channel with close to 60 degree water temps. Thought this might be the key. Had a swing and a miss by a crappie on a gulp minnow and after about an hour was about to give up when I saw a bass start leaping out of the water with a large fish stuck in its mouth. It just kept leaping out of the water and then slammed into the side of my boat and then the fish popped out and the bass chased it. I thought to myself I need to upsize and increase my retrieve speed. A few minutes later landed a decent LMB and then lost another real nice one after a short fight. Was getting dark so I had to call it. What didn't work was gulp minnows, in line spinners, chatter bait, lipless crank, senko. Only thing that seemed to work was this Rapala. Slow retrieve with tons of wobble. Tight lines.

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