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Post Posted: 06:07am - Apr 17,14 
woke up yesterday to the song of the crappies calling me from up north, had a bunch to do early so we didn't get on he road till 11 am and on the water fishing till 12:30 pm. couldn't get a fish to go for the first hour or so. couldn't get a solid presentation with a crappie rig because the wind was blowing hard out of the south where we knew they would be, bait would blow right past them. Plunc took a largie on a sweet new jig/bait body he's been making all winter so i changed over and first cast produced a dandy 10" black crappie. it was game on! the crops were shallow from 4 ft to 10" and over the next 6 hours or so we caught a mixed bag of keeper perch,whites,blue gill,largemouth and 10" to 12" keeper crops. fishing was great and fast at one point we were catching fish on 6 separate cast apiece and just laughing our heads off. all fish except the crops were set free to swim another day the crops are already cleaned and bagged waiting for a hot oil bath in the near future. Plunc called the color we got them on Alewife and it was uv coated that kind of gave off a different glow or aura in the light than a regular painted jig. all fish were taking on 1/32 nd oz. jigs with sassy shad body baits. i also got some on chartreuse 1/32 tube jigs but the alewife color far out produced the chartreuse 5 to 1. look for these jigs soon at the local bait shops. he showed me the other colors he was making for the perch bite some named after diversey,belmont,and montrose harbours and they all look great to me. heard the 1/4 oz. alewife was the hot ticket on a trip they took to Dupre on the walleyes last week producing ten fish on ten separate casts he made before he lost the only one he had in his box. going to be a hot item this summer. if you cant find them shoot Plunc a pm and maybe hell fix you up! God i love the chain i cant wait to try the mixed bag pattern i was working on last summer again when the water warms a little more.

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Post Posted: 08:30am - Apr 17,14 
:gpost i have never fished the chain but the the crappies were probably moving shallow to spawn i also got my self into a good pond with some nice gills bass and crappies if you read my report on it. :respect



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I'm assuming you are not going to say where you got them. That's ok.

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