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Post Posted: 07:45am - Jul 26,04 
went out with a few buddies out of cj smith's from 6 to noon.

hit petite, bluff and marie. generally we were targeting crappie and other panfish. so we used small fatheads and panfish jigs rigged different ways. floating, carolina rig (kentucky lake style), simple split shot, or a double dropper rig.

bottom line, all the riggings produced and all the waters produced. we ended up with about 30 crappies (5-10 inches), 10 white bass, couple of nice cats (2-3 lbs), and some sheepies.

no strong concentration of fish. they were loosely schooled over first breakline areas (12-18 ft) suspended throughout the water column.



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Post Posted: 01:29pm - Jul 26,04 
Good to here that there are still some 10 inch crappies to be found on the chain.


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Post Posted: 12:19am - Jul 27,04 
After hearing of many nice crappie harvested during the spawn it is very good to see 10"ers being caught.
I'm wondering if harvest numbers are typically the same, year in and year out.
Last year throughout the ice season I could limit out on 9-11" crappies in a few hours time.
The chain's population of keeper sized fish seems to be very strong from my experiences. Only downfall was my inability to run into smaller fish...which isn't so bad to a certain degree :lol: .
Crappies usually run on a 7 year cycle in most systems...could we be nearing the end?

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