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Launched at Oak point again and searched the river for walleye's, Same results as last night. :? Remembered a post about Pistakee lake Catfish so I figured I would give it a try. Had plenty of worms left over from last night. :? Started in Meyers bay and got one twelve incher, Then hit the channel going into Lake Mathew. I fished water near shore with wood and lily pads and bingo, got a nice 17 incher. Re-baited and within 10 minutes got another (identical twins) Re-baited and got bit again only feet from shore under a floating log. This guy was big. First he shot right under the boat. I used the troller to try to get her back out in the open but the lily pads were dragging me down. Finally got him back to the side but he dove again and wrapped into the pads. I left him there for what seem to be forever, just kept tension on the line and hoped he would work himself free. He did, and broke the line right at the hook. My fault though, shouldn't be catfishing in cover with six pound test line. I did get a look at him and would guess 22 maybe 24 inches. I wish I would have gotten out earlier because the minute the sun came over the trees and the shoreline was in direct sunlight, all action stopped. Definitely a good time while it lasted. All three hits were on slip bobbers and crawlers in less than 3 foot of water. Anyway, decide to move on and hit the channel at Indian Point again hoping for walleye's but ended up with one 12 inch white bass. This was a funny bite, you could let the bobber sit forever and nothing would happen but the minute you would attempt to retrieve it to try a different location, Bang, a hit. It took me about a half hour of missing fish before I caught on but then ran out of time. :?




White Bass just keep getting bigger on the chain

All Fish were KILLED, SOME FROZEN, SOME EATEN !!!!! :wink:

Deep Fried Catfish with fries. ( Shore Lunch Batter)


..... And Filipina Style Catfish for the wife.... with rice


A super day even on the Chain. I forgot how hard those Catfish fight. Gonna start targeting them more. They taste pretty good too!!


....Fish Til Ya Drop!!!

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