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Launched out of CJ Smith's around noon. Nice ramp with plenty of depth.
Took the short ride though the channel, south, to Petite. Saw some good looking spots along the way, sure to yield crappies once they get back into the groove. The water cooled some over the last weeks and crappies backed out of their spring routine. Which was sure to happen within a few days before the fronts hit.
We started our drift at the channel mouth and worked SW along a break from 7-14 FOW pulling lindy rigs with large fatheads. Watching the bow mounted vex, I marked fish hugging the bottom and suspended no more than 2' off. Sure to be marble eyes, anticipating bites every second. That presentation wasn't doin. Time to switch it up.
Jig and minnow was the next approach. Motored back up to the mouth and hooked my dad up with a 1/4 gumball and stinger hook. I stuck with 1/8oz no stinger. The old man isn't much of a fisherman and with that comes a less acute sense of bottom compostion and that feeling you get when a wally picks up the bait. I wanted to get this dude on some fish whether he felt the bite or not. Still watching the vex and marking fish, I showed him how to jig and what to feel for.
Set it dad...atta boy!
Nice 12" crappie full of eggs out of 11'. Took a shot and back to the drink with her.
Now yur gettin it pop!
This was my first trip using the bow mounted FL-18...and I love it! It's like sitting on a bucket during the ice season and jigging through that tiny hole. Using the trolling motor to position myself over the blips and jig away. Granted much practice will be needed to perfect this art, but I'm getting the hang of it.
We went through alot of minnows on that chilly day, with many missed fish and boating 4 species. Short clean cut bites and bodyless minnows where my main frustration. With my hard head, I never put on a stinger hook.
It makes me feel good that after all the things my father has taught me over the years, I was finally able to teach him something and put a smile on his face.


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