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Post Posted: 07:20pm - Apr 22,04 
Got out this afternoon from 1:00-4:30, picked up a few scattered crappie the first hour. Then went to the north end of channel lake and hit the mother load none stop action till I had to leave. Caught approx. 50 -60 fish 8-11" all on a small hair jig under a float and wooden piers. Males are sporting their spawning colors... black. All fish released today. Nice way to spend the afternoon. Saw a couple of guys in a Lund C&R what looked to be a mid 40's musky... for all you guys throwing wood. Tight Lines


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Post Posted: 09:20pm - Apr 22,04 
Must have been a blast 3 1/2 hours and the numbers you pulled in.
Way to go RSS. I never thought of the chain as a great fishery, but recently have been changing my mind, pretty quickly I might add.

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Man talk about a turn around. Sounds like a good day on the water....but aren't they all.

And Bear the Fox has alway been a great fishery but the boating traffic is the worst I have ever experienced.

Once summer rolls around if you are in a small boat you need to be off the water by 10 you take the chance of lossing you life. If you go during the week it's great but the weeks are brutal.

I think the place turns into a zoo, but it has some great fishing.

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