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I got out this morning at about 7am. I launched from the old Mentone's and it was only $10 instead of the $15 at the Turtle. I started on Catherine with an Orange Crappie Weagle since it was a sheet of glass out there this morning. Lots of weeds and debris on the top of the water. A sheet of green algae bloom as well. Worked the area in front of Bob's and then switched to my custom Showgirl and went back over the area. Water temp was about 64. After nothing, I went over and worked Channel Lake. Used the Weagle and Showgirl combo again. More of the same water conditions. Quite a few boaters out there and even some PWC's. My final stop was Bluff Lake. Worked most of the perimeter and only had 1 follow. Water temp got up to 66 degrees at about noon.

Beautiful day to be on the water.

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