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9/24 Report
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Author:  SAVVY18 [ 09:19pm - Sep 27,10 ]
Post subject:  9/24 Report

I got out at about 1:30pm on Friday 9/24. Launched at the Turtle on Channel Lake. Wind was whipping most of the time I was out there and pushing me around a lot. I fished until about 5:30 and stayed on Channel and Catherine the whole time. I started the day throwing a Showgirl in a custom color. Drifted along the north-east shoreline, headed to Catherine and worked the shoreline in front of Bob's marina thoroughly. There were still a lot of weeds about 2 feet below the surface. Continued with the Showgirl the one way and put on a Sucker colored Bulldog and worked back the other way. I trolled my way around Catherine with a Bagley Monster Shad on one and another deep diver on the other. The wind continued to to blow hard. I would say it was about 1.5 ft - 2 ft waves out in the open water that wasn't protected by the shoreline. I returned to the previously fished shoreline and got soaked from the waves and wind. I put on a Perch colored Phantom and worked that area. I then headed across to the area in front of the former Mentone's and the channel mouth to Marie. The final area I worked was the Western bay of Channel, where it was somewhat calmer and less windy. I worked both shorelines meticulously with a Top water and back the other way with the Phantom. All I could show for the day was a little snake Pike on the Phantom, which I really didn't feel and thought I was snagged. It was nice to be on the water in spite of the wind.

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