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Post Posted: 10:41pm - Nov 14,05 
Was able to get out Saturday and Sunday this week. Saturday consisted of some early trolling down the river but no action. Water levels are now dropping. There was about a 6 inch difference from Saturday morning to Sunday afternoon. Temperatures remain in the mid to hi 40's. We hit Pistakee bay and Nippersink Creek on Saturday morning with jig n minnows and even though we marked some nice fish, the bite was tough. Boat traffic was light. There were a few at the rt 12 bridge and a few in the bay but for the most part, the lakes were empty. After hitting Pistakee, we headed into the channels of Fox Lake where the current seamed just right but still no fish. Headed back to the river where we picked up several nice white bass to save the day. Fish were tight to cover along shore.


Sunday was more of the same but a bit more windy to say the least. :shock: We spent the late morning drifting Marie and did raise a nice 'eye that was lost at the surface. Fish was around the 20 inch mark. Boat control was tough with some gusts that made you want to put a seat belt on. :lol: After a few more passes, we decided to not turn into the Edmond Fitgerald and we headed to the opposite side of Marie just west of the sand bar to some calmer waters. We did pick up a few nice white's there in 8-10 foot of water.


That was it for Marie and with the wind as it was, we decided to return to the river for at least some protection. The river produced a few more nice whites,a decent crappie, and another missed opportunity to boat a nice walleye. Another heavy fish lost at the surface just about the time one starts reaching for the net. This fish was also in the high teens or maybe low twenties but all we got to see is a nice role on the surface before she broke free and made her decent back out of sight.


It's been a somewhat odd year for crappie on the river. The just didn't stack up like they usually do. When you boat one, you usually can count on some pretty fast action for a awhile but this year, there were many single fish caught. :? So the day ended up with some nice whites and a couple of missed opportunities on a couple of nice walleyes. Considering the wind, it was still a nice day. Larger jigs were being used to attempt to keep a feel for the bottom and the bites but no matter what we tried, there was lots of slack line and it was hard to get a good feel with all the wind gusts. At times, even the 24 volt 70lb minn kota could barely keep the boat positioned. Bottom line, still got some fish and still enjoyed being out. This time of the year, you take what you can get as far as the weather goes. :)

....Fish Til Ya Drop!!!

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lost to nice eyes bummer.i'm going to hit the chain sat. snow or rain i'll be there jigging away

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