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I got out early this morning in spite of some boat issues and the lakes were flat as a sheet of glass. Naturally, I had on my Weagle and a black/white bucktail. I worked the north bay of Channel. the entire east/north east shoreline of Catherine and the beach on Channel. I saw a ton of fish swimming through the weed beds. Bass, Catfish, Panfish, Carp and I saw a HUGE musky cruising the edge of the weeds. I worked the entire area where I saw it, but didn't get a sniff. There was a Fraternal Order of Police tourney going on and my partner was in it. His boat didnt' get anything. They weren't targeting anything specific, but did throw everything at the fish they saw. He had Minnows, Leaches and a tackle box full of artificials. The winner of the tourney had 4 bass and 1 Walleye...that's it. Everyone I talked to, commented about how they saw a ton of fish, but couldn't catch anything.

The water temp was about 70 degrees.

Just wondering, has anyone ever had the nut on the top of their starter just come off when they went to start their motor? It happened today while I was on the water. I didn't have the tools to fix it properly, so I tightened it the best I could, but every time I started it, the nut flew off again. The last time it was hiding under the motor and I couldn't find it. I had to get back to the launch using trolling motor power. I had the shroud off of the motor and I am a little shocked that NOBODY even slowed down or asked if I needed help. Finally, while in the channel between Marie and Grass, I waved down a guy with his wife and kid and asked if they could at least tow me thru the channel so I could save some battery. They were nice enough to tow me all the way back to the launch.

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