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Sorry for the late post , but got out on monday when the wind was howling . Tried for walleye and crappie first without much luck , tried Marie, Channel. Bluff and Spring , everyone was having a tough time with the crappies , they just were not bitting .
But if you go in the back channels , you can catch a bazzilion bluegill. They are very shallow , in one foot of water or less even . I got tired of rebaiting with waxies , so I went with a power wiggler before I ran out of 100 waxies . Most were in the 6-7 " range with smaller ones mixed in . Only got one crappie , one bass and one perch the rest were gills .
Went out to were they were hitting good crappie on saturday and nadda . Tried the 2-3 ft waves on marie in the afternoon - nadda.
Did see alot of the walleye pros come out in the afternoon for prefishing for the tourny next week .
Sure beat working though !!

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