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August 14 Club Tournament date change
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Author:  Greylion [ 02:40pm - Jul 29,10 ]
Post subject:  August 14 Club Tournament date change

On August 14 we have a club tournament and the Brew City tournament is being held the same day. When we set the schedule early in the year the Brew City date was thought to be on a different day, but it isn’t and several SU IL boats want to fish the Brew City. More importantly, the Brew City Tournament is also part of the SE WI challenge along with the Super Sweep stakes and our SUPA tournament. We can't very well support the Brew City and have SU WI support the SUPA with this scheduling conflict, so we are making a change to the August 14th club tournament.

We are changing the August 14 tournament to be held concurrent with the SUPA on August 21. We will charge $25 for the event with another $10 optional side bet. A member will be free to fish the SUPA, or the club tournament or both. Food will still be provided as part of the SUPA festivities.

So to be clear, there will be no club tournament on August 14, that tournament will be run on the same day as the SUPA, August 21.

Scoring remains the same and so are the prizes.

The good news is you will save some money on gas and kill two birds with one stone on the 21st, and leave folks to do what they want on August 14, like fish the Brew City?

Sorry for any challenges this makes for you fishermen, but we voted on this as a board and it passed.

Jim Nelligan
SU IL President
Tournament Chairman

Author:  Mrcoho1 [ 05:44am - Jul 30,10 ]
Post subject:  Re: August 14 Club Tournament date change

I will get this in the Hook and Line that goes out on Sunday, 8/1/10.

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