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Post Posted: 11:49am - Aug 31,18 
Is there any place around Chicago that you can catch Crappie from shore that are ok to eat? I've only fished the lake front, Busse and Skokie lagoons and I'm not sure I'd want to eat from Busse or Skokie.


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Post Posted: 01:10pm - Aug 31,18 
I'm not sure how the guys do during the summer but spring and fall are pretty solid up at lake Peterson in rock cust state park for shore guys. Could possibly look into that more. It may be a little further than you prefere though.



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Post Posted: 01:49pm - Aug 31,18 
Lake Julian in Cary IL. has pay by the lb. trout ponds, and also has pay by the day for the big lake below, which has crappie, bluegills ,bass, catfish, trout & northerns for a 2 fish limit on each species, for about $10 a day, no license necessary. However they now have a new program where you have to pay in advance for a package for so many days, and i believe have eliminated the 1 day package by itself like before. They are closed on Monday & Tuesday and will be closing in late Sept. for the season depending on weather. Myself i like the trout ponds for small kids, as the trout in the ponds, are very hungry, and you usually get one on every cast ! My grandkids never get bored , and 4 trout usually run me about $25-$30 total ,cleaned and iced !



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Post Posted: 07:05pm - Sep 2,18 
Heidecke? I've never tried it, but they're in there and their is plenty of shoreline.

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