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First of all thanks for all the info on this sight that I have seen. Im not much into the big lake(canoe guy) but it still is my morn newspaper along with a few other sights. I live only a minute from the little cal and I have only fished it 2 times from the shore. I drive over it on cline ave and look to the east and it looks like a great place to try. Does anyone have any imput on what could be there? I know carp and bass. But has anyone caught crappie or gills in that area? Dont want your secrets just dont want to waste my time. I am going to try once this spring and I will post any good results. Thanks for the help! Dr.



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Are u talking the calumet river east branch? Chesterton/Porter Porter/Lake County? What location? I know back on the little cal in back of the old Kennedy Park Apartments there used to be a nature trail and they used to get crappie back there. Wouldn't eat anything out of the little cal though. KK

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