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Post Posted: 01:32pm - Jul 12,15 
Well, I'm looking for some new spots to fish the canal for carp. The spot I normally access the canal has had some property ownership issues arise recently and I don't think I'll be able to fish there as often as I have in the past. I've been looking at google maps and it looks like there's public access to the canal in Willow Springs. Do any of you know how good that spot is? Also, how good are the CCFP lakes for carp? I know they're in there but I don't want to waste my time just catching small ones.


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Don't know a out Willow Springs but you can access some good carp water on the Desplaines under Lemont Rd. also if you go to the Lemont Quarries you can follow a car path that runs along the ship canal. The problem is you are several feet above the water. If you can live with 10 lb carp the lake in the Bolinbrook Gateway Wetlands has a good population.




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I've seen some monsters in turtlehead in the 20+ range but not too often so I don't have a guess on the population.

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