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Post Posted: 12:28pm - Apr 28,03 
Thought I might make a quick note or report . Mostly I read and don't print but had a day that I thought was worht sharing. Sundays tournament for my partner Kevin and I had us faced with one option, and that was to go into Lake Cal. I had a chance to pre-fish the big pond on the south side on Saturday but weather and poor results had me head back by noon with no fish.

Going into the tournament Kevin and I realized that if the bite was on up north we would not be in contention for the win. But the fact that we did not pre-fish up there made us choose to dump into the L/C.

The day started out fast with Kevin putting the first two members of our team in the well. He got them on a strike king spinnerbait, a 14.5" and a solid 15.5" . I followed next with a 16.5" on a Mister Twister Proto-type Crankbait. Kevin selected a 16" Green Back as our fourth member shortly after. We changed spots and I added the last two members of team 16" and a 14". We had our Six by 11:30 so we headed out to the lake. We fished 95th street for about an hour with nothing and decided to go back to L/C and try to improve our bag. At that time we thought we had about 11 LBS and needed heavier weight to cash a check. Then "bam" Kevin catches a 17" Brown Back on a Strike King Crank bait that kicks my 14" off the team. I called it the fish of the day. Then I catch a 15" that should kick the 14.5" but we make a mistake and cut Kevins 15.5". In the same spot I land a 16" and realize that the 14. 5" is still in well "*#@$" " what do expect from two "Micks" in a boat. anyway, we cut the 14.5" and I finish with a 15.75 to cut my 15.
We ended with the Largest bag Kevin and I have cought out of L/C in many years during a tournament 14.35 LBS, and took 5th place.

There were many nice fish taken out of lake Cal on Sunday. My partner of last year Mike Condux Landed over a 4 lb Green Back. It might be time to start thinking of Lake Cal as a place that could have 15& 16 lb Stringers or it could be that we had a really good day



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Post Posted: 12:39pm - Apr 28,03 
Sounds like a good day and congrats on being in the money, and welcome to Chitown, good first post.

So tell me how bad were you guys sweating when you realized that you culled the larger fish. My partner did that once and we were out of the money by like 3 ounces, I’m glad it was him that cut lose the fish.

It sounds like LM is turning into one hell of a Bass fishery from the weigh in, you guys should have a great time this season. Good luck the rest of the season.

And I deleted one of the posts Ed since it was a dupe, give it a couple minutes to get up on the boards, a little longer if your on dial up like me.

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Post Posted: 01:23pm - Apr 28,03 
We went to Lake Cal too because we never got a chance to pre-fish the big pond. We drew #3 and knew we get first dibs at Cal. We figured we run in there, get a limit, and shoot out to the big pond afterwards. First cast with a Rocket Shad spinner bait got me a 12" largemouth. We worked the remainder of the shore line with fast moving hard baits to no avail. Second pass on the same shore line we decied to slow it down. With a greenmelon senko on a carolina rig I immediately picked off two large mouth. One was 13" & the other was 13 7/8". Bummer! My partner was dragging a tube and managed two keepers, 1 smallie & 1 largemouth, out of about five that he caught. The action stopped so we went into another slip. Bam! fifth cast I had a 14 1/2" smallie. Moments later Bam! my partner had our biggest keeper a 15 1/2" largemouth. We moved around a bit and ended up back where we got the two quick keepers. Just like that! Bam! Bam! my partner had too nice bites one after another. On both occasions rod tip was bent all the way down. We knew they were good fish. On both occasions both fish flipped us off. No fault of my partners, thats just the way it goes. Ended the day with 4 keepers a bit over 6lbs. No regrets and no money either. We'll get them next time!



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Post Posted: 09:57am - Apr 29,03 
Sounds like the old days guys tore em up in there-good job-Got my biggest out of Lake Cal years ago-it had a smallmouth but its lips were bent downward, and it had quater sized scales on it. What a battle that was! I still enjoy going back in there. Where there a lot of gulls? That usually means ther's baitfish back there.

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