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Wasnt sure where to post this so I picked around chi town because I'm interested in all bodies of water around us not one specific species or body of water. Not sure where I'm going this weekend and was wondering where you planned on going. Not to take your spot but to get a general idea on what people are trying out. I haven't been to the big pond in a while and it would be nice to get some casting in but without a boat able to handle a north wind I'd be stuck on shore for sure. That's not a big deal to me really but there's so many places I still haven't even tried yet. On the other hand I have the Monee Resevoir right by my house and a number of small ponds I've been trying out. And on a other hand ( I'm going to need more hands ) I've never tried any of these cooling lakes yet either. There's braidwood, heidecke, and lasalle. I wouldn't even know where to begin but I'm very Interested in these fisheries. And then there's the good ole Kankakee river that is close to home and even closer to my heart and soul. I heard their doing good for the smallies down there but it's still a little high. So I will deliberate with my buddies on where we will be going. I would appreciate any input or ideas anyone has on any of these places if youve been there but mostly interested in what you plan on targeting this weekend. Species, bait/lures, and general area. This should give me a good idea of what's NOT hitting to weed out the skunky skunks. Either way good luck out there and tight lines.

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