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I did not see another thread so I thought I would ask what was the outcome of poisoning the river to hold the Asian Carp at bay while the electric fence was being repaired? It seems from the footage that not too many of this species was found floating. Maybe they can survive the poisons too. What a tragedy that all these invasive creatures are hurting the native animals.


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this was one topic-

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:oops: Asian CArp ...

very dangerous fish swiming in Illinois waters towards great lakes ...

Interesting fact . .
Bosnia and Herzegovina(Yugoslavia) or South Eastern Europe.
Runs hatcheries where they reproduce Asian Carp , and stock them into local lakes and rivers . fishing clubs have to raise money to pay for it .Most hatcheries are privatised so you have to pay to get fish FRY of Asian Carp /

It should be on Ripley's believe it or NOT ...

But they live there and do not cause a lot of problems , They have special way of fishing for them. It is not very popular fish , but imagine Hatching Asian CArp ...

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