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Post Posted: 10:49pm - Aug 27,09 
Anyone been fishing lake calumet or the river system?Put in at the waterfront pub launch off torrence.Locked through Thomas O'Brien lock.Spent some time in lake calumet tossing tubes,spinnerbaits,and cranks with little success.Did better on the river itself.My Bro'in-law caught 3 largemouth ,1 smallie,and for myself 1 small rock bass to show for my efforts?Still a fun day,boated down to 95th street,dropped in for some catfish nuggets and hot sauce at calumet fisheries.Man thats good fish there!Any tips on lure selection would be appreciated.A shad rap in black/silver accounted for the most fish.Lot's of barge traffic out there on sunday.On the way in,at dark,was at the lock waiting to go in.There was a tug pushing a barge quite a good way behind us,we were told to get out of the way unless we felt like getting run over!I know commercial vessels have the right of way,just thought the lock operator would let us go in ,seeings how this tug was at least 3/8th's of a mile behind us?Live and learn.



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Absoulutly not, they take their priorties very seriously and for good reason. Recreation vehicles are last to lock through and they certainly dont want you in front of that barge for your own lifes sake. Dam near got run over by some of the lovely tour boats around the locks. Best bet is give way and get the he(( out of the way and stay away. Those big boats and barges don't handle the way a twenty footer does a little gust of wind and you could be pancaked.



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Post Posted: 01:31pm - Nov 12,10 
Years ago when the Calumet had so much crude oil in it you needed 4 hours using gasoline and kitchen cleanser to clean the boat I had a friend that was a barge captain. They know how much distance they need to stop those big boats. That 3/8 mile seems like a long way for you but they need every inch they can get.

Take a CAR ride to the Brandon lock in Joliet or the locks at Starved Rock and stand at the rail and watch one of those guys wiggle into the lock and you will understand why I always gave them plenty of room. Yes I have waited for several hours for the barges to lock thru before I could take the ride up river. I have also been invited into the lock to ride down with a barge. There is not much room for error and the mis judgement could sure ruin a good day of fishing.

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