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The future of the Chicago Area Waterway System

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA), and other federal, state and local government agencies, will discuss and seek input on a multi-year evalution, called a Use Attainability Analysis, being conducted on the Chicago Area Waterway System (CAWS).

The evaluation will determine the suitable uses (i.e., commercial usage, swimming, fishing, boating, etc.) for the CAWS in the future. The CAWS consists of Calumet and Chicago River basin water bodies as well as Lake Calumet and numerous general use tributaries.

IEPA will describe the evaluation process, explain why the evaluation is being conducted and detail the impact of the evaluation on the CAWS.

What you can do:

*Be Informed. Attend a public meeting to learn more about the CAWS and the evaluation being conducted on it.

For more information regarding the environmental evaluation or the CAWS, please visit:

I for one will be there to let them know that I fish the all of these bodies of water and that I want them to keep getting better. I hope to see other anglers there.

The next public meeting will be on September 8 in Evanston, there's one on the 9th too in the south. Check the website.

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