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Back on the Cal Sag Sun/Mon............Got a little spot across from Triplex that was holding a bunch of bass-on the small side 12-13", but fun to catch 6-7 fish off one spot! Got most on a drop shot with a 4" white pearl Reaper, set about a foot high. Monday s_ _ _ _ ed. Went to launch @ Alsip and find they are filming a commercial for Sta-Bil gas additive and had they whole launch blocked off!!!!! This was professional-people sitting around in directors chairs, catered food, man............ Went to Worth and ran into Lake Cal. Got 2 8lb Drum on a custom painted 300 Poes. One swallowed it so deep I almost had to pull out my Buck knife and open up the throat on the fish to get my lure back. At least I know my paint appealed to those dummies. Wind kicked and I left.

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